About Us

We started the business in 1981 under the name of Al Shama Transport which went through major achievements and success in providing earth moving equipment to its valuable customers. In 2005 we are proudly stand as a leading and one of the most professional company under Bajwa Group of Companies with 28 years of working experience with us

We have the following companies under the Bajwa Group exclusive operations in United Arab Emirates Market as follows.


Our Bankers

  Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  Standard Chartered Bank
  Emirates Islamic Bank
  Mashreq Bank
  Dubai Islamic Bank
  National Bank Of Abu Dhabi
  Emirates NBD
  RAK Bank
  Commercial Bank Of Dubai
  Habib Bank AG Zurich
  Emirates Islamic Bank

Our Commitment

Providing excellent services and maintaining high professional standards.

Our Vision

To cater the needs of our valuable customers by providing customized solutions meeting their requirements.

Safety Arrangements

" Big Crane is the ISO certified Company Holding one of the largest and modern cranes, transport and construction equipment fleets in the UAE and we are maintaining all the safety measures. We are obtaining the Safety Inspection services from highly reputed professional Inspection companies of the world like TÜV Middle East W.L.L, ABS Consulting, Vincotte International Ltd. Dubai, Technical Inspection Bureau, Coral Trade Link LLC to provide Excellent Services with highest levels of safety to our client.


Our marketing team consists of highly skilled professionals who identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements. We select the right produce, in the right place, at the right time and at the right price before offering to our valuable clients.


The Regulations outlined are drafted to provide the infrastructure within which Big Craine will conduct its business. These Regulations do not exempt the Company in any way from its obligations to comply with applicable U.A.E. Statutory Requirements and/or relevant Regulations.

Safety Practice Rules

These Safety Practice Rules apply to all mobile hydraulic cranes and aerial work platforms operations . Rules included herein have been established as the minimum rules applicable to the operations. In the case of conflict between the party(s) rules and regulations, where reasonably practicable the more stringent shall apply.


Big Craine shall provide an induction program for company employees covering health and safety, and general rules and regulations.


The possession, distribution and use of alcohol, illegal drugs and substances are prohibited while on company/client premises and while driving or operating mobile hydraulic cranes . Violation of this policy will result in immediate dismissal and immediate withdrawal of the employee’s access to client premises.


The possession of firearms, gambling, physical assault, and horseplay (fooling around) at the workplace is strictly forbidden and will result in disciplinary action by management.


Pedestrians will not take short cuts through areas not connected to the contract. Visitor(s) on official visits are to report to the Site Manager’s office. Unauthorized entrance to areas where mobile hydraulic cranes and/or AWP(s) are operational is not permitted. Entrance to such operational areas must be cleared by the Site Manager or person(s) supervising the lifting operation(s).


Driving of company vehicles is only allowed with the prior authorization of the Manager and the driver must be in possession of a valid driver’s license.


All employees will maintain housekeeping at their places of work to save valuable space, reduce incidents and reduce fire risks etc.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Appropriate personal protective equipment will be issued free of charge to employees. These would include: Hard Hats, Safety shoes, Safety gloves (rigger type), Overalls or dustcoat, Any other equipment associated with the specific hazard. Employees issued with appropriate personal protective equipment will wear and maintain their equipment at all times while on site. Client’s PPE policy for visitors to company business site(s) will also apply.

Mobile Hydraulic Crane and AWP Safe Operation

The mobile hydraulic crane/AWP was built in accordance with the state of the art and recognised safety regulations valid at the time of commissioning. Nevertheless, personal injury to the operator or any other person(s) as well as damage to the crane/AWP and other property may occur during use. Mobile hydraulic crane(s) and AWP(s) must be in proper working order and may only be used for its intended purpose, while taking into account the safe operation of the unit and any related hazards; Malfunctions that may affect the safe operation of the crane/AWP are to be corrected immediately; The mobile hydraulic crane(s) may only be used as an erection crane to vertically lift loads in the authorised rigging modes using a hook block that is reeved to the hoist rope. The weight and centre of distribution of the loads must be known. Any other use of the crane is considered improper; The mobile hydraulic crane/AWP operator shall take on full responsibility for any damage resulting from the improper or unauthorised use of the mobile hydraulic crane/AWP.

Proper use also involves:

Observing all crane/AWP documentation consisting of the safe operating manual, the lifting capacity table (load chart) and, Following the pre-operational inspections of mobile hydraulic • The person supervising mobile hydraulic crane operations must ensure that operators use extreme caution when operating their cranes • Operators of mobile hydraulic cranes/AWPs must comply with the following procedures: • Mobile hydraulic crane/AWP pre-operational inspections; • Mobile hydraulic crane/AWP driving and roadworthiness inspections; • Mobile hydraulic crane/AWP ground and support conditions inspections; • Mobile hydraulic crane/AWP load rating charts; • Rigging lattice extensions on mobile hydraulic cranes; • Mobile hydraulic crane/AWP safe operational procedures; • Mobile hydraulic crane/AWP signals and hand signals; • Helpers (banks men, slingers, riggers and guides for holding tag lines); • Operator competency.


Where work is to be conducted at night or in areas where natural and artificial lighting is inadequate, a level of illumination must be provided by the Company and in the case where similar unsafe conditions are experienced during mobile crane operations, the client must provide artificial lighting adequate for the type of work to be performed safely.

Disciplinary Action

Big Craine believes that each individual employee is responsible for his/her own safety and for following the established rules for Health and Safety, Welfare and employee conduct. All employees who fail to work safely or fail to follow the Safety Rules, which are in place for their protection, are subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.